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Our family has always celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ, and we love to bring His joy and gospel to the world around us!  For years we had lights on our house, and loved to travel throughout our community to see the many beautiful Christmas displays each year.  In 2012, after a good friend gave us our first Light-O-Rama light controller, we decided to bring our "static display" to the next level and we began to animate it to music using the single box and an FM transmitter. Each year since the display has grown and matured into what is now known as "Bruschi Christmas".  Today we use several cutting-edge software packages (xlights, Falcon Player, Light-O-Rama) and have over 15,000 lights, many blow-molds, inflatables, several hand-made elements...and growing each year! It really has to be seen and heard to be appreciated!  Our family would love to meet your family, so plan now to make Bruschi Christmas a part of your Christmas celebration!